Grivel develops and produces mountain equipment since 1818.

The headquarters are located in Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc, where alpinism was born.
It is one of the world’s best known brands in mountaineering and outdoor equipment.

Today Grivel produces equipment for mountaineering, freeride, rock climbing, trail running, ice climbing, ski touring, exporting 90% of the turnover to over 50 countries worldwide.



Grivel headquarters and Grivel Espace are located in Aosta Valley, in the earth of Alpenland, the name given by German to describe the part of Europe surrounding the Alps, where there are 82 mountains higher than 4000 meters.

Here is where scientific and exploratory alpinism was born and where its name comes from. It is here in the Alps, at the foot of Mont Blanc that in 1818 the Grivel blacksmith started to transform his traditional job into the production of mountain equipment, and there is no other place where Grivel factor can stay: no other place that can produce such inspirational tools and where the high passion for the mountain can lead us to pursue new challenges.



Today Grivel is a “pocket multinational”, whose activity is strongly linked to its native territory but which operates globally. We export 90% of our total production to over 50 countries worldwide.