North Machine Carbon Special Nimsdai


Multi-purpose technical ice axe, suitable for the most demanding alpinists.

The North Machine is a technical ice axe designed for high-level mountaineering, north faces and ice climbing. Very versatile, it will follow the most demanding alpinist in their adventures.

The Special Nimsdai version comes with the super durable Katana Ice Vario blade, made of ballistic steel, and a hammer or adze.

The Vario system allows the choice of various blades and various accessories, suitable for every need. Carbon composite (aluminum + carbon) shaft to save weight and G bone shape with lateral grooves to allow greater strength and rigidity with a lower thickness. It has an ergonomic handle and its shape helps protect your fingers. Widia spike.

  • Activities: Technical mountaineering / ice climbing / Classical mountaineering / expedition
  • Materials/construction/technologies: steel blade and accessories, carbon composite (aluminum + carbon) shaft, widia spike
  • Certification: CE EN 13089, type 2, UIAA 152
  • Recommended blades: Ice Vario, Total Ice Vario, Total Dry VarioKatana Ice Vario, Dry Plus, Ice BladeIce Plus Blade
  • Weight: 495 g (17,5 oz)
  • Size: 47 cm



“My team and I are always leading from the front. For this, you need an ice axe that is built for technical and demanding climbs. With the Vario System, we can create the ice axe we need to fix lines, open routes and ice climb. It is lightweight, tough and shaped to provide precision and protection for your hands. So, whether we are using the hammer variant to fix lines and anchor them into the mountain or using the multi-faceted stealth blade for digging out ice, we know it won’t let us down.”
Nirmal "Nims" Purja


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