Dimension-Polyant started to produce sail cloth in 1966 and is today the worldwide market leader in its field of business. The vertical integration of Dimension-Polyant is unique among all sailcloth suppliers. Two production facilities are operated, one at the headquarters in Kempen, Germany, and a smaller one in Putnam Connecticut, USA. In total the company has 150 employees worldwide.

Running its own manufacturing provided the platform for outstanding and revolutionary developments in woven as well as in laminated sailcloth styles. Many of them were patented like Square®, Hydra Net®, the insert and X-PLY® technology.
While the core market remains in woven and laminated materials for yacht sails of all boat sizes and applications the products of Dimension-Polyant are also used more and more in totally different areas like medical equipment, lightning or light reflecting products, skin materials for drum heads, etc. Properties like weight-to-strength ratio, excellent abrasion resistance, very high tearing strength and other basic properties of sailcloth are very useful in a big variety of products. The very high degree of innovation and production flexibility make Dimension-Polyant the perfect partner for all kind of industries.


Dimension-Polyant’s X-Tech laminates are the perfect choice for performance and durability. X-Tech fabrics are produced using the patented warp technologies. UV inhibitors are added to the adhesive layers to help protect the fabrics from ultra violet exposure.

  • "Zero-crimp” warp ensures that X-Tech has the lowest stretch to weight ratio of any aramid race fabric on the market today.
  • “Soft hand” and excellent flex properties.
  • A high fill count ensures the stability of the fabric and increases tear resistance.