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Performance versatile ice axe for mountaineering, now a "classic" in its category.

Ice axe capable of providing a truly excellent performance. The steel blade hot-forged in one-piece makes it light, balanced and solid. The G-bone shaft with lateral grooves allows greater resistance with a lower thickness, for an excellent ergonomic grip along the entire shaft. The new rubber grip at the bottom makes it more comfortable to use on steeper terrain. You can have it simple, with the innovative G-Slider or with the adjustable Long Leash Evo. Ideal companion for all types of mountaineering.

  • Activities: Classical mountaineering / Technical mountaineering / Ski touring / Glacier walking
  • Materials/construction/technologies: one-piece hot-forged steel head, aluminium G-bone shaft, rubber grip
  • Certification: CE EN 13089, type 2, UIAA 152
  • Weight: 473 g 

Is this the right ice axe for you? Read here what our athletes say  

Damien Tomasi

"The classic ice axe "par excellence". Efficient for all situations: tapered snow ridge, bergschrund, steep snow slope…. 
Its reasonable weight, its curvature, its blade and its balance will allow you to overcome a passage in steep ice without worries"

Damien Tomasi, Grivel Team


Technical Information:

_ Technical Notice: General
_ EU Declaration of Conformity

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