North Machine Carbon


Multi-purpose technical ice ax, suitable for the most demanding alpinists.

The North Machine is a technical ice axe designed for high-level mountaineering, north faces and ice climbing. Very versatile, it will follow the most demanding alpinist in his/her adventures. The Vario system allows the choice of various blades and various accessories, suitable for every need. Carbon composite (aluminum + carbon) haft to save weight, and G bone shape with lateral grooves to allow greater strength and rigidity with a lower thickness. It has an ergonomic handle and its shape helps protect your fingers. Widia tip

  • Activities: techincal mountaineering, ice climbing
  • Materials/construction/technologies: steel blade and accessories, aluminum shaft
  • Certification: CE EN 13089, type 2, UIAA 152
  • Recommended blades: Ice Vario, Total Ice Vario, Total Dry Vario
  • Weight: 495 g (17,5 oz)
  • Size: 47 cm

Is this the right ice axe for you? Read here what our athletes say 

Steve House

"The ultimate weapon for alpinists and all-arounders. We combined the best blades, made of the best steel, with a light, well-balanced carbon composite shaft. Effortless swing, intuitive grip"
Steve House, Grivel Team

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