Grivel Proactive Antibott

The snow easily builds up under the crampons producing a “ball" that prevents the points from continuing to bite the ground and creates very dangerous problems of stability and safety.

The problem was well known for many years! The first idea of an anti-snow system was the plastic insole of the Foot Fangs designed by Mike Lowe in 1972, but it didn't work very well.

In 1997 Grivel was the first company to deliver all its crampons equipped with an efficient anti-snow system designed by New Alp.

Finally in 2003 Grivel put an end to the problems of accumulating snow under crampons with the first proactive antibott, the one that at every step unloads the snow and that, with its elastic action, takes advantage of the alpinist's walking movement. 

The Grivel proactive antibott remains the most efficient and the only one working in all snow conditions. It is a real safety system and it is patented!