Published on 12/05/2020


I use it for steep skiing and Ski Touring.

It gives me a lot of security and confidence knowing that I have in my hands a Very Lightweight Ice Axe but at the same time a good anchor in hard ice.

I used it on the best Ski Line, east face of Cerro Marconi in Patagonia, 50 degrees and a beautiful Line!



I always use them when I have to go up steep snow slopes which I will then descend on snowboard. I like to always have it available even during the descents, holding it in my hand gives me security, and lightness is appreciable in every itinerary.

I appreciate their lightness and versatility, I can use them on almost all the itineraries that I will go snowboarding. I always have it with me.

I had it for example this year in February during the ascent and descent from the north face of the Aiguille Qui Remue in Argentière.



I use it in all my activities as a Mountain Guide and in my mountaineering projects.

My favourite features are lightness and its excellent versatility.

I had it for the first winter chain of the main massifs of the Valtournenche: Furggen, Matterhorn, Grandes Murailles and Petite Murailles. Also for Everest and the Lhotse in the Himalaya.



I use it for speed mountaineering in mixed terrain.

I like its versatility and easiness to use for skimo, alpinism and speed mountaineering.

My best climb with it was the Ortler Hintergrat.



Very light ice axe with excellent grip, perfect for activities without very technical sections. Excellent to use up to 70/80 ° degrees. With excellent precision and lightness, it adapts

very good for all types of terrain. Climbing with glacier passages, alpine climbs in

altitude and great classic routes. In my opinion it is very versatile.

I especially appreciate the lightness, but also very resistant and reliable and their great versatility of use. I use them together with single spring 2.0. a fantastic match.

My best climbs with the Ghost Evo were: at the level of classic mountaineering at high altitude, the summit of Hiuchiuli in Nepal, at a more technical level in the home mountains, the Apuan Alps, with much more interesting slopes.



I use it every day in my guide work.

I love its weight / technical ratio suitable for all situations.

My best climb with her: the Aiguille d’Argentiere needle by the Y-shaped couloir.




I use this ice axe in all classic mountaineering trips, and in those situations where weight is crucial without sacrificing safety.

The Ghost Evo is a classic ice axe with futuristic features because it is light but extraordinarily resistant. This ice axe makes me very confident in progressing on glacial terrains or on ice and mixed terrains, without sacrificing lightness.

My best climb with the Ghost Evo was certainly the Brouillard Ridge on Mont Blanc.



I use it in all work situations as a Mountain Guide, from classic mountaineering to ski mountaineering. Light comfortable, beautiful.

I appreciate its lightness first of all, the comfort of the handle, and last but not least the design.

Having a performing blade, in those few, but important situations that can occur on a classic terrain, I find it fundamental.

Practically I have it with me all the working days, the most exciting memories, the Brèche Puiseux in the Periades, a fast climb on the Dent du Geant and a sunset on top of Mont Blanc. A fundamental help in the ascent, and a faithful companion for the descent.



Perfect ice axe for long ascents or activities without too technical sections. Hard snow slopes less than 70 degrees - Ski mountaineering - Climbing with glacier sections - glacial crossing - ultralight ice axe approach.

When you talk about the # 1 gear on the market it always has all the necessary features and is going to be a repeated response. Lightness, versatility and unbreakable! Without a doubt, 3 winter seasons using it.

My best climb with him? Countless, but probably the Peuterey Integral on Mont Blanc is the most famous.



It is the ice axe I have always used since I underwent amputation of my left foot, I use it

in classic mountaineering (glacier) and in ski mountaineering, for personal activity or for working as a guide.

Its features I prefer are lightness and, in any case, a fair effectiveness in the swing (speaking of hard snow or soft ice).

Immediately after the amputation of my left foot, the Ghost accompanied me on the Vincent Pyramid for the Southwest ridge and on Gran Paradiso, little mountaineering difficulty but great personal return for being back in the mountains, the real ones.


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