Published on 12/05/2020


I use it for ice climbing and also mountaineering beyond TD + on ice and mixte.

I like its ease of use - excellent hooks - very good anchors - excellent handles.

My favourite day with these ice axes: Once in a lifetime - ice 5 + / 6, Dolomites - Val Gardena.



It is my favorite ice axe. I use it for almost everything. I have climbed from great alpine routes in Nepal to the most representative icefalls in Canada, USA, France, Spain ...

For me, Grivel is synonymous with durability and confidence so one of the best features of the Tech Machine is its blades. They convey a very good confidence and durability.

My favourite routes with them are “Shiva” (Chekigo), that we opened in the Rowaling Valley (Nepal) as an alpine and exploration route, and for an icefall the chain of the three walls of Gavarnie leaving by “Memento Mori” a route that combines the fine ice plates with rock up to 7b + difficulties ... a great test for ice axes!



I use it for technical steep ice and mixte climbing.

I like to use the Dry Vario blade for dry-tooling and the Ice Vario for steep ice.

It has a natural swing, very secure. Even if you only give the ice a light flick of the wrist and a ‘tap’, you can hang off of tiny edges and feel like you’re not going anywhere: a feeling of security I like when hanging on a frozen waterfall.

Hard to pick a best climb. So many great pitches of vertical ice climbed with these! Probably Broken Hearts, since it’s one of my favourite alpine romp kind of days in Cody, WY.



For me, the Tech Machine is the best ice machine ever.

A real machine, strong and robust, but at the same time absolutely precise when composing with the ICE Vario blade.

I climbed my most difficult solo tours with this ice axe. The Tech Machine is much more than just an ice machine for me, it is my loyal companion in the storm and ice.

I use the Tech Machine in almost every terrain, from easy terrain to ice and mixed climbing.

I can trust 100 percent on my technical machine. That is probably the best quality. it is robust and precise at the same time.

With this technical machine I was able to climb the Cerro Torre free solo.


SOPHIE LAVAUD (Switzerland, France, Canada)

I use it for ice climbing in the winter season especially in the Alps.

Prefect for my hands, very precise and technical. Feeling very safe.

I loved it on any icefall climbs in Chamonix or Cogne.



I use it for technical icefall climbing and sometimes steep hard mountain ice- mixed routes.

Its perfect and balanced swing guarantees first time stick everytime.

Very good reach above overhanging corners or on cauliflowers due to the shape of upper shaft.

No vibrations when planting the tool. Point of balance is very good so the tool does not tire your arms out.

The quality of manufacturing is high! The tool light enough for a long day on ice but heavy and balanced enough for a good stick on ice first time. It is an aesthetically beautiful tool. The handle is easy to hold and hang out. With the different pick combinations one can use the tool for drytooling too. With vario ice pick a hammer or adze can be added. Ice pick is very durable and sticks well, easy to pull out too. Good tool for leashless climbing! The spike at the bottom is easy to clip when you need to rest.

I have made many different first ascents of icefalls in north-eastern turkey with this tool.


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