(R)evolution - TWIN GATE carabiners

The Twin Gate system (Patented) is an innovative solution for locking carabiners. Two gates/wires opposing each other, make the carabiner safer, faster and stronger than any other locking carabiner.


  • When it is closed it is always locked, you do not need to do anything else (screw, rotate, etc.).
  • It does not get stuck with ice or dirt or under load.
  • It does not accidentally open (e.g. unscrewing against the wall).


  • There is no need of special operation to open it or close it (screwing, twisting, etc), so no extra time.
  • Just open the outside gate to enter, the inner one goes by itself.
  • Just open the inside gate to exit, the outer one goes by itself


  • Two gates are stronger than one!
  • The two gates opposing each other guarantee that at least one is always closed, reducing the risk for the carabiner to work in "open gate" position, where it is much less strong.

    Grivel awarded with Compasso d'Oro 2016

    Established in 1957, ADI Compasso d'Oro award is the oldest and most influential international design award in the world. The price to the Twin Gate of Grivel was the first one awarded to a manifacturer of climbing equipment!

    grivel compasso d'oro

    The Grivel Twin Gate won the Compasso d'Oro as "Design for the Individual" for a "specialized object that significantly improves protection and safety while respecting simplicity of form."

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