Published on 12/05/2020


I use it for icefalls with complicated ice, mixte routes and Drytooling.

The excellent swing on ice combined with the precision of a technical ice axe for Drytooling are my favourite features.

I had it with me for the very overhanging ice cave in Iceland and the particular icefalls in Michigan, where they first touched overseas ice in January 2019.



I have been using a Dark Machine prototype (no carbon composite shaft but otherwise more or less like the present model) in winters 2017/2018 and 2018/19. I only climbed technical ice falls and hard mixed climbs, so no other ice axe. It’s perfect. Best climbs: Pure ice: Wet Dreams, Austria and first ascent No country for old men, Southern Tyrol, Italy.



It is the ideal ice axe for amateur or professional activity on mixte and dry tooling.

I love its weight and its grip reduces the effort required in very hard pitches.

My best climb with this ice axes? Aiguille de Bochard.



The ultimate weapon for icefalls. Light but still well balanced. The swing is pleasant and precise. The grip is excellent and the combination of Carbon and “Made in Grivel” steel make it the most performing ice axe on the market…. and the most beautiful! To all those who love the icefall: use Dark Machine or Dark Machine X and you will progress!


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