Medium asymmetric carabiners


I use it to create bomb-proof anchors on all types of terrain. Light and not bulky, ideal for semi-mobile progression anchors on rock and ice.

I use it for climbing in the mountains both at belays and to belay. I especially love its lightness and ergonomics in use.

It is always in my "kit", I always carry two as carabiners for the belay. I love how light they are.

Sigma K8G

This is the twin-gate biner I use the most and the one I have given to many of my guide friends to introduce them to the twin-gate concept. I choose this biner with people who do know yet understand or recognize the benefits of twin-gate carabiners because it is very easy to use and the shape is great in a wide variety of situations. I personally use this carabiner for attaching myself to the anchor on a multi-pitch or alpine climb. I love that there is no screw-gate to freeze and become inoperable in winter or stormy climbing. The size makes it really easy to handle with gloves on and the strength is very high. A great, secure, all-use twin gate carabiner.

I use it to create progression anchors or to secure myself or to belay my clients. When using it, there is no need to recheck it during the course of the activity. When closed, the twin gate closing system leaves no possibility of error.

I use it in an icefall to secure myself at the belay. Thanks to the automatic locking system, no more problems with the screw freezing.

Jackpot among locking carabiners ;) This carabiner will convince everyone. The gate-wire combination makes it really easy to use. It is lightweight, large and essential when climbing. As with all Twin-Gate carabiners - safety first!!

I use it on long routes for all the manipulations which require a fixed security, to anchor myself, to block a rope, a bag ... and in crags for the installation of the top-ropes.
It offers almost absolute security, impossible to open without "human" manipulation, with 200% confidence.

Safety carabiner used to secure myself at the belay. Practical both in progression and in descent, fast and safe without the risk of forgetting the open screw.
I love its fast and practical opening, very light without compromising safety and resistance. It does not require the classic screwing operation, also avoiding all those accidental openings that can occur.

Tau wire lock k12L

It is always attached to my harness together with the Prussik lanyard, on glaciers and on long routes. I use it in progression on glaciers and on short rope terrain, as a point of union between the rope and the harness. I use it in rappelling as a self-locking safety device.
I love security for wire-lock closure, lightness, minimal dimensions, but also robustness in a micro-carabiner.

I mainly use it as a carabiner for the marchard in the high mountains. It never opens, it is comfortable, light and has a high load. So it can always come in handy.

I use it to move around rooftops, anchored to provisional lifelines, certain that it won't open in any position. bomb proof insurance !!!
It is easy to put on and impossible to accidentally open. In risky jobs it is for sure a 10 out of 10.

I often use it to belay at the crag. It's quick to open and close and you can't go wrong, it works well on both the belay loop and the device.

It is my carabiner for belay devices or to work with ropes. It is a light and safe carabiner. And when you learn the manipulation to open the door of the carabiner it is the fastest and most reliable.


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