Grivel has been a leader in the development and production of technical mountain equipment for over 200 years.

It was born in 1818 with the Grivel blacksmiths on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc, where it is still based today. Our geographical region is called Alpenland to identify that part of Europe where the highest European peaks are concentrated, where mountaineering was born and developed.

Today we are present in over 50 countries, where we export 90% of our products. At the same time, we maintain a small size and a family and pioneer spirit, faithful to the origins. Our products stand out for innovation, quality and creativity. For this reason, it is possible to define Grivel as a “pocket multinational”.



We create high-end technical equipment to share our passion for the mountains, with style and love for our planet. Since 1818.

Our world is that of technical mountain equipment, it is so for both our passion and for the link to our origins and territory. Our commitment is to create beautiful products, as well as functional and performing.



We want people to find and climb their mountains, so that they can know much more about the world and themselves.

Mountains can offer everyone a space for exploration and discovery, on multiple activities and levels of difficulty. The journey is certainly external, to discover wonderful places, but also internal, towards self-knowledge. Our vision, and our hope, is that everyone can find their mountain and their path.

Today the mountains are experienced in a completely personal way, from both a technical and emotional point of view: everyone has their own goal, their own peak to reach, their own way of facing it, living it, climbing it ... and each one feels different and personal emotions.

Grivel is close to each of these people, who measure themselves with the mountains as with life, with passion, enthusiasm, curiosity, awareness, a sense of adventure, a desire to discover and to have fun. Desire to grow, change, have confirmations, try new and intense emotions.

Everyone choose what to surround themselves with, in their own style, feeling respect for the mountains in their own way.

Grivel is close to anyone who wants to reach a summit and achieve their individual dream.