Published on 05/02/21

“The Moroccan Atlas mountains gave me several life time stories full of emotions, with their virgin ways, their high summits and their wild technical climbs, since 2009, I always dreamed to put Morocco on the map of climbing, I never gave up on that dream. Now that dream is a reality and we can share this Moroccan dream with the climbing community all over the world.” 


Faiçal Bourkiba


Faiçal Bourkiba,31 years old, mountain instructor in the French Alpine Club, in Grivel team since 2020 grew up in Morocco while exploring the virgin High Atlas Mountains, practicing and teaching Alpine, ice and Multipitch climbing. When he is not climbing, he works as a world wide Logistician.
Favorite Grivel products: the Stealth helmet, G22+ crampons, The North Machine Carbon ice axe.