Light Machine


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Ice axe designed for technical mountaineering, with Vario System interchangeable head and G bone shaft.

Light machine is a technical, versatile and effective ice axe. The head is interchangeable, with forged blade and Vario System accessories (nakedadze, thor, mini thor). Shaft with technical angle and G bone shape guarantees greater resistance even with thin thicknesses and greater comfort in holding it. It has a rubber grip that offers excellent grip and the innovative G-slider.

  • Activities: Technical mountaineering / Classical mountaineering / Ice climbing
  • Materials/construction/technologies: steel, aluminum
  • Certification: CE EN 13089, type 2, UIAA 152
  • Recommended blades: Alpine Vario, Mix Blade
  • Weight: 549g 
  • Size: 50 cm

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Technical Information:

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