Personalisation of the Monte Bianco Replica ice axe

The personalisation is a laser engraving of the wooden shaft of the Monte Bianco Replica ice axe. The FONT is Times New Roman in italics, for a maximum of 30 characters including punctuation and spaces. Letters can be upper or lowercase. Example: Albert Einstein (in this case it's 15 total characters).

Add to your cart the Monte Bianco Replica (buy it here) and the personalisation (in this page) and complete the order. Then:

1. Write an email to with "CUSTOMIZATION MONTE BIANCO REPLICA" as subject;
2. Include in the text the order number for the purchase of the Monte Bianco Replica and personalisation;
3. Clearly write the personalisation you would like (as explained above, max 15 characters).

The purchase of this customization does not include the Monte Bianco Replica ice axe in the price.

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