Carabiners to be used at the waist to belay with a device (tube, gri-gri etc.)

Clepsydra L


I always use it to belay with the Grigri at the crag. Its safety is its best feature.

It is my inseparable climbing partner at the crag. With this carabiner just a click and safety is guaranteed one hundred percent. When using it, there is no need to recheck it during the course of the activity. When closed, the twin gate closing system leaves no possibility of error.

I use it as an always-on-the-harness carabiner for lightweight mountaineering.
Its best feature is the small wire that keeps it in place and prevents it from twisting.

I use it for the belay device at the crag and for tying up the clients on a glacier rope.
I like its inability to open and the fact that thanks to the small wire and its flattened shape on one side it always remains in position at the harness ring without ever turning around.

I use it on alpine rock walls, single or multi pitch climbing and also sport climbing applications- belaying and rappelling. The carabiner is always aligned on its best direction while belaying and rappelling, on single rope or double ropes. Cannot cross load it on its weak axis even if you try hard. The gate lock is foolproof, in other words cannot accidentally open. Very safe, on my opinion the safest karabiner to use. The shape and thickness facilitates using italian hitch knot (HMS knot) for rappel or belaying on an emergency, even if you drop your rappel device. It is easy to operate the gate lock when you get used to the general layout of the carabiner, but this needs some practise of course. The quality of manufacturing and colors are very nice, anodization is strong, does not wear off easily. This is a very tough carabiner, beefy, bombproof and strong!

It is my main carabiner in the firefighter's pants, anchored to my central point of the harness, always in position, to anchor myself to life lines, or with the Grivel Daisy Chain
It is the ideal size to handle even with gloves, position ok at all times. Reliability.

I always use it at the crag paired with the "gri-gri".
I love the small size, the safety of the Twin Gate closure, and the inability to position itself incorrectly. A carabiner that should become a must alongside the "gri-gri".

I use it for sport climbing at the crag. Its best feature is the safety of the closure.

The carabiner par excellence for speed climbing (I used it a lot in training before having automatic winders). I love its comfort. There are no parts of the carabiner that protrude from the "line" of the shape. It looks like a unique piece with no shape defects.

I use it to belay at the gym and at the crag.
I especially like its safety and the clean use with belay devices on the harness.

Clepsydra S


This is the carabiner I use for belaying sport climbing. Very secure and very functional. I never have to worry if my belayer has locked the carabiner holding the belay device (usually a Grigri)
It is super secure: if it is closed, it is locked. And the features ensure the carabiner is always oriented in the correct way and it cannot cross-load.

The directional carabiner with the Twin Gate system allows you to always have the belay system in place, always well positioned and above all, in a closed carabiner. Also ideal for roping on glaciers.

I use it all the time on an glacier and in winter. I especially love its handling.

I use this carabiner a lot for roping on glaciers.
I love its directional side which allows it to always work in its axis for maximum resistance, and its innovative opening and closing system which automatically locks the carabiner.

I use it on the glacier and in dynamic belaying on mixed ridges. Its directional system allows optimal resistance of the carabiner in all configurations. Ideal for guide work.

I believe this is a perfect carabiner for clipping all belay devices and I also use it a lot on glaciers for roping up my clients and am never afraid it would unclip.
Its best features are its light weight and its right size. The Twin-Gate system is an added value to this perfectly designed carabiner, which always stays in the right place in the belay loop. Literally love at first sight!

I use this carabiner in mountaineering and multi-pitch climbing with a prusik lanyard. The carabiner with twin gate system is very efficient for tying the rope at the waist on mixed terrain and for self-belaying during rappelling under the descender. The speed of use and the safety of the twin gate make it unbeatable.

I always use it in climbing courses when climbing in top-rope. This carabiner limits errors if I choose to connect the harness with a carabiner while climbing in top-rope, its shape guarantees me that the rope is always correctly positioned, the double lever guarantees me a perfect closure at an opening at the same time fast, then I love the compact size that distinguishes several of the Grivel screwgate carabiners.


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