Published on 03/06/2020

ALESSANDRO ZENI (Italia)Wow! Finally a harness that challenges a little the monotony of the classic market, finally an innovative idea with a nice touch of style!
A light harness, practical and quick to put on and extremely comfortable!
I like the Abstract style more because it has very bright and youthful colors. I like to be alternative and this theme detaches from the classic colors of clothing.



A crazy, brave and captivating design !!!
I appreciate the comfort of the leg loops. When you are hanging on the harness while being lowered, when you are hanging in a belay or to belay, you seem to be wearing a second skin and weight is not a weight. My favorite is the trend Abstract style, I like the madness of a colorful, abstract harness.



RICCARDO SCARIAN (Italia)I thought ... wowwww cool! A nice series of harnesses very alternative to the classic style, now climb is different.
I appreciated its simplicity. Lightness and obviously comfort.
Of the four, I was immediately struck and liked the "Python" because it has a lot of style.



CHARLOTTE BARRE (France)I immediately loved the idea. It is a comfortable harness, with a high-quality tightening buckle (easy to tighten and loosen the strap). My favorite is the Trend Black. Fun, classy and sober at the same time.



GUIDO AZZALEA (Italia)Wow finally something new. The idea of a python harness has been spinning in my head for years. Excellent belt and positioning of the gear loops, and lightness.



MARCELLO BOMBARDI (Italia)The first time I saw the prototype I thought "Oh my god ... Are you really sure?" The astonishment and surprise effect that was wanted to be seen in seeing such a style on a climbing accessory would say that it was spot on. It is a style out of the ordinary, never presented on a harness, and as with all new and extravagant things it takes a moment to adapt to the pleasure of sight and imagine it in life but once you get to know and become familiar you will struggle to return to a simple and monotonous style like that of classic harnesses.
Its functionality is definitely its strong point. The perfect choice of the padding layer gives it comfort in being hung on the harness for a long time without affecting the characteristic lightness that often makes you forget you are wearing it.
I found the "Python" model ideal for those who want to have style even at the crag and not just for the Friday night outing. The snake-like motif makes it perfectly matching the rock. My favorite, however, remains the "abstract" model. The white and blue color matches exactly the uniform of the national team and I can't wait to show it off in the next international competitions.



LUCA SCHIERA (Italia)Certainly a flashy and aesthetically different thing from the usual, risky idea!
In reality, when you try it on it is very comfortable and has a low weight, suitable for the crag.
My favorites are Black and Python, I like the combination of external and internal colors.



FRANCOIS CAZZANELLI (Italia)Honestly, the first time I saw a Trend harness I was not very convinced. I was afraid it was an aesthetically beautiful but impractical for climbing. Then as soon as I put it on I changed my mind. Above all, I appreciate its lightness and extreme comfort!
I prefer python, because I hope it makes me stay attached to the rock like a reptile.



MASSIMO BAL (Italia)I immediately thought that this new fashion line makes the garments more stylish. The harness is comfortable and functional, with excellent load distribution. The Leopard is very captivating and youthful, as well as the other models, the choice is subjective!



DAMIEN TOMASI (France)The first time Grivel told me about the Trend harness, I must admit that I was a little skeptical ...
Then, I carried it on the crag and I must say that the reactions of the climbers were quite eloquent! I did not go unnoticed!
One more weapon to climb like a feline!



CRISTIAN DORIGATTI (Italia)Different. Something different that appears a lot and catches the eye. Something that remains etched in the mind of climbers.
I especially liked the leg loops. Thanks to their greater width than the previous ones they are much more comfortable. As well as the part that rests on the back that makes one think that climbing can be a truly relaxing thing. I love its lightness (essential quality of a harness).
My favorite is the Abstract. It reminds me of Picasso. A mix between a new climbing style and Italian artistic culture. A perfect design.



ALEX PITTIN (France)The first time I saw it I thought: superb. I love its comfort and the style. I love them all without exception I even want all the styles to change them often!

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