Published on 12/05/2020

yannick graziani


I use it on alpine routes in general of medium difficulty.

I like the shaft which can be used as an anchor but also its technical side, and its rubber grip. I like its forged blade which adapts well to difficult conditions if necessary, such as passages in ice for example.

My best climbs with this ice axe: several ridges, from the Diable on to the Mont Blanc du Tacul, the Matterhorn, the north east of the Courtes… in general I use it in big alpine routes and on 4000-m peaks. I also used it at Gasherbrum 2 where between 6000m and 7000m the terrain is technical and I preferred to have very solid and efficient equipment.


boris lorencic 


This is a very versatile ice axe which I use the most. I use it for all snow slopes, ridges, gully's, glacier tours, classic climbs ... The conditions and glaciers in the Alps have changed a lot in recent years. Once easy and gentle snowy slopes can now be icy on hot summer days, but with AIR TECH you can handle every obstacle on the way!

As a professional mountain guide, I spend most of the year in the mountains, so it is very important that I use only the best tools. The AIR TECH EVO is curved just right, the right weight and aggressive, so it is also possible to climb steep sections with it. Forged blade is very strong and the shovel is perfectly designed for chopping steps and ledges. The rubber shaft and EASY SLIDER provide excellent grip! I believe that this is the most popular ice axe among guides in the Alps.  

I climbed with it over 60 4thousanders in the Alps.


Pablo Criado Toca 

As a trail runner and mountain lover in general, with this ice axe I do some traditional mountaineering and also some couloirs.

It is reliable, accurate and very comfortable to hold. Very balanced weight and swing.

My best climbs with him? Without a doubt, when I chained the four 4000 of Aosta Valley, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc du Tacul (because the Mont Blanc was dangerous due to avalanches). Running from one mountain to the other and then climbing each one of them was my best moment with this adventure companion.


Markus Pucher 


It is my first choice as a mountain guide. The perfect device for high alpine tours. a very robust tool and it is also possible to climb steeper ups in between. I was with the Air Tech Evo on countless mountains in the Alps and the Himalayas and was always a loyal companion.


Luca Rolli


I use this ice axe on demanding classic mountaineering trips, mixed routes, exploratory ski mountaineering and steep ski descents.

The Air Tech Evo is a light, handy but very solid ice axe. The beating of the blade in hard snow or ice is incredibly precise and gives confidence for a fast progression. The blade is durable and allows you to easily dig into the ice to create anchors.

For example, I used it on the Peutery Ridge at Mont Blanc, Mont Ushba in Georgia and Laila Peak in Pakistan.


Sophie Lavaud

SOPHIE LAVAUD (Switzerland, France, Canada)

I use this ice axe during my expeditions in the Himalayas. I had it for more than 10 expeditions above 8000 m

It’s light but still very technical. Excellent tool for safety when the slope is not too steep combined with a pole.

In very high altitude, the easy slider with leash is perfect for technical sections especially when you have to wear big gloves or down mittens. 

My best climb with it is for sure K2 in Pakistan!



Whether in adze or hammer version, the Air Tech ice axe is ideal for summer and winter mountaineering routes. Its swing allows you to pass a difficult bergschrund or to climb, easily, a passage in ice. This is the ice axe that I take to the mountains for climbing from level F to TD.




The Air Tech Evo is my work ice axe as a mountain guide and I use it in spring and summer almost every day from slightly steep terrain to steeper faces and couloirs.

It is simply a multivalent ice axe. It is light enough, but not too light that it cannot enter the hard ice of the glacier. It has an excellent rubber handle so as not to slip, and with the shape slightly bent at the top, you can also climb short pieces on vertical ice - like on a Bergschrund.

My favorite climb with this ice axe was the Arete du Diable to Mont Blanc du Tacul with a client.



It is an ice axe that I used regularly in my Guide job, for classic mountaineering and ridges. It’s

one of the ice axes that I used a lot before the amputation of the left foot.

It is very versatile, excellent in all situations that can be found in mountaineering classic: valid in the swing, excellent to use as anchor or dead body

The best climb? I don't know, it was my faithful companion in the guiding job and it has accompanied me in many climbs on the Alps, the best memories are related to the various peaks of Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc.


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