Air Tech Evo Hammer


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Performance versatile ice axe for mountaineering, now a "classic" in its category. Hammer version.

Ice axe capable of providing a truly excellent performance. The hot-forged steel blade makes it light, balanced and solid. The hammer has an excellent strike. The G-bone handle with lateral grooves allows greater resistance with a lower thickness. It guarantees an excellent ergonomic grip along the entire shaft. You can have it with the innovative G-Slider or with the adjustable Long Leash Evo. Ideal companion for all types of mountaineering.

  • Activities: Classical mountaineering / Technical mountaineering / Ski touring / Glacier walking
  • Materials/construction/technologies: hot-forged steel head, aluminium G-bone shaft, rubber grip
  • Certification: CE EN 13089, type 2, UIAA 152
  • Weight: 611 g 

Is this the right ice axe for you? Read here what our athletes say 

Damien Tomasi

"The classic ice axe "par excellence". Efficient for all situations: tapered snow ridge, bergschrund, steep snow slope…. Its reasonable weight, its curvature, its blade and its balance will allow you to overcome a passage in steep ice without worries"
Damien Tomasi, Grivel Team

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