HMS carabiners



I use it in all my climbs as a climber and as a mountain guide both in winter and in summer. I find it practical and precise in all rope maneuvers.

I use it for belaying my clients at belays and for abseiling. I especially like its round and smooth shape which favors the sliding of the rope.

It is a carabiner that I always carry in my harness. I use it for everything, usually as the central point of the belay. I love its size!

I use it as a main carabiner on the belay and combined with the Master Pro to belay on long routes. I feel very comfortable with its rounded shape

I use it in all forms of alpinism: on icefalls, on trad multi pitch rock climbs and in extreme altitude.
I like many of its features: the classic thick pear shape facilitates using italian hitch knot (HMS knot) for rappel or belaying on an emergency, even if you drop your rappel device; the quality of manufacturing and the colors; its ease of operation. Furthermore, the classic screw lock is smooth to operate, though it can freeze in extreme cold or come unlocked if you do not control often.
Overall it is a very strong main work carabiner for the climber.

I use it at the belay center to attach all the other carabiners that we need (those for belaying the various components of the team, for the tube / plate, the haul bag, etc.).
Perfect for munter hitch on short ropes.
I like its wide shape, it is the perfect carabiner for sliding the ropes well with the munter hitch knot and for other uses that require a large size.

I use it on my daisy chain and for belaying. I especially like its curvature and amplitude.

An HMS carabiner is ALWAYS present in my rack. Its shape and traditional screw-gate are perfect for building a munter hitch or a clove hitch. The quality of the materials combined with its lightness make this carabiner among the best on the market



I mostly use it for belaying and rappeling. A real classic between carabiners and a great replacement for classic screw carabiners! This is the first carabiner I came across with the Twin-Gate system, which convinced me right away with its usability and safety. It is always locked when closed, what more could a climber want ?! There is always enough space in it for all ropes, slings and carabiners. I mostly use it for belaying and rappeling.

I use it in sport climbing and multi-pitch climbing, with friends or clients.
Once you get used to it, they're easy to open and close with one hand, and most of all, it's a way to make sure the carabiners are always closed!

The truth is that this carabiner always goes on my harness. I carry it with my belayer / descender.
I really like the Twin Gate system since I can never forget to close it, it also seems to me that it is a perfect size for use with the insurer in any condition, be it summer or winter, since it handles very well.

I use it for belaying, rappelling and building rescue pulleys.
Its best feature is the super-safe twin-gate closing system.

I often use it for HIGH-LINE (high slack-line). Several times I went to try and see people slackline at heights of more than 100 meters with slings etc., and having carabiner without screw and various obstructions that acts as a ring that runs smoothly through the slackline is the best you can ask for. I really like its shape.

I use this carabiner in the daisy chain during rappelling to create an excellent brake-descender, or while belaying the climber going as first.
The classic pear shape has the right space to slide the rope in all the necessary maneuvers.
Thanks to the new locking system, screwing is not necessary, this carabiner eliminates the problem of accidental opening. It is therefore very safe and fast.

SOPHIE LAVAUD (Switzerland)
I use this carabiner combined with the 2x8 or MasterPro essentially in the Himalayas for rappelling or belaying. I love its size is well suited for handling with large gloves. The fact that it is large allows it to be well held in the hand and it is an extra safety, very important. 

Plume HMS K3GH

I use it for lightweight mountaineering for belaying and rappelling.
Its best feature is the wire-to-wire Twin-Gate system, which makes it super safe to operate.


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