Published on 12/05/2020




I use if for alpine climbing in the mountains, mountain snow-ice gullies, high summits in Himalaya, guiding on snowy mountains.

I like most the high quality of manufacturing, hot-forged pick and strong blade. It is also an aesthetically good - looking tool, amd it is really good swing on occasional steep ice sections. It comes with a very handy sliding elastic leash that also acts as good handhold for steep ice sections. With this ice axe one can also make axe- belay on snow. Furthermore, the shovel/adze is useful for digging/snow bollard anchor or footstep

I used it to climb Annapurna 8091m, the hardest 8000m peak


HANS ZLOBL (Austria)

The Jorasses is by far the best ice axe for technically demanding alpine routes and for guiding in the Eastern and Western Alps. The increasingly steep normal routes or alpine crossings meanwhile when you have to carry a technical ice axe. The perfect ice axe for mountain guides.

There is a particularly good ratio between weight and head weight. The blade is light in design, but made of forged steel, and makes a reliable "bite" in the hardest ice. The slightly curved shaft additionally increases the dynamic when swinging.

When every stroke has to sit in the hard ice and there is no room for error, the Jorasses 2.0 is my preferred companion.

My last route with the Jorasses 2.0 was the Mont Blanc Traverse. A technically not too difficult route, but here too the conditions dictate the seriousness. Anyone who climbs to Col Du Mont Maudit with his guest or companion in the dark at night with hard ice conditions will appreciate a reliable ice axe such as this one.


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