Special carabiners




Tomas Roy Aguilo
I have used the VLAD in wall maneuvers, even in real rescue situations, where comfort is necessary when working on the belay / anchorage.
It is very versatile, as it has three anchor points, and also the twin-gate system prevents the gate from being locked when loading the carabiner too much, as it sometimes happens with “screw gate” carabiners. It is also very light.

I always use it in multi-pitch routes or in mountain rescue practices. It is a carabiner simple to use and being with 3 attachment points it allows me to always have a tidy belay and therefore easier to manage.

I use it for multi-pitch climbing and mountaineering with belays. It offers a perfect distribution of the handling of ropes at the level of the belay, to clip-in, to belay … it offers a clear visibility of all the maneuvers in progress, therefore increased security, and easy to set up which allows better management of the belay, especially for a rope party of 3.

I use it when I work as a firefighter in a rescue situation or to keep the auxiliary ropes organized, with very little gear, allowing me to work quickly and safely.
Simple and effective. Multiple functions in one.

I use it especially at belays or when we have multiple ropes in rescues or large loads.
To work, you always have the ropes and carabiners in order. For inexperienced clients or climbers, it helps them understand and not bundle ropes and loads. Also to multiply weights when you rescue from crevasses, walls or to haul bags.


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