Wide K18N Special Nimsdai

Wide K18N is a large carabiner, easy to manipulate even with big gloves.

The Wide K18N features a screw-gate closure and it is made of 7075 aluminum to offer the best ratio between weight, strength and durability. Its shape is ideal for rope manoeuvers, climbing and mountaineering. Individually tested, with the date of testing and progressive number laser-marked on it.

  • Activities: climbing, mountaineering, expedition
  • Materials/construction/technologies: aluminum 7075
  • Certifications: CE EN 12275 - class B, UIAA 121
  • Weight: 80g (2,9 oz)
  • Length-Width-Opening: 120-78-22 mm
  • Resistance
    closed gate strength: 27
    minor axis strength: 8
    open gate strength: 9

“need help in choosing the right carabiner? read here!”


“These carabiners are the perfect work horses for the mountains, the larger size means that rope maneuverers are easier to do. If you are missing a belay device, you can even use these with an Italian hitch to safety maneuverer yourself down. These are great all- rounders, which me and my team have tested to the extremes on mountains like K2 and Manaslu.”
Nirmal "Nims" Purja

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