1. General

These terms and conditions apply to all Grivel Gift Card purchased on our website: www.grivel.com.
Purchasing and using the Grivel Gift card you accept these terms and conditions.

Grivel Gift Cards are digital. The Grivel Gift cards can be used to purchase only on our website: www.grivel.com.

If your Grivel Gift Card does not cover the full amount of your purchase, you can use a complementary payment method among those accepted on our website.
Because gift cards are a form of payment, you can use your Grivel Gift Card together with with a discount rate.


  1. Payment

You can purchase your gift card on our website (www.grivel.com) and complete the purchase with one of the payment methods accepted on our website.

You cannot use a Grivel Gift Card to buy a Grivel Gift Card.

You cannot use a discount code to buy a Grivel Gift Card.


  1. Delivery

Our gift card are digital. After the purchase of your Grivel Gift Card, you will receive an e-mail.
In the e-mail you will find the following information:

  • A confirmation link to activate your Gift Card;
  • Date of purchase, Expiry date;
  • The Gift Card code to use in your future checkout.

The client must indicate a valid e-mail address for the delivery of the Gift Card. Grivel is not responsible in wrong given e-mail address.

Please note that for privacy reasons, only the customer have access to the full discount code.

In case you lost your unique Grivel Gift Card code, you can recover it from your profile on www.grivel.com. Enter your Personal Area and resend the email with your gift card code.


  1. Validity

The Grivel Gift card is valid one year from its date of purchase.

The Grivel Gift Card cannot be recharged.

Your Grivel Gift Card can be used till there is a positive balance remaining. When the balance of your Grivel Gift Card will be zero, the gift card will expire its validity.

If your Grivel Gift Card is expired you will not be able to use it in your purchases.


  1. Returns

Grivel Gift Cards cannot be returned.

We consider your Grifel Gift Card as cash. On products bought with Grivel Gift Cards applies our Return Policy.


  1. Limitation of Liability

Grivel is not responsible of Grivel Gift Card lost after its activation. Please, consider your Grivel Gift Card as cash.



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