Our job is to make technical mountain equipment.
Our products are not born by themselves, they are born in our company and our company is made of a team of people, who have a vision of the world and of what we do in this world.
So who is Grivel? Who are we? How do we see the world?
In 2019, we have reviewed our logo, simplified and rationalized it.
In 2020, we have defined our positioning, so our mission, our vision and our slogan. To each their own.
We have now made a short film, which is in our view the best way to communicate all this.
In our opinion this is the best fit with today’s communication: internet, social media, low attention, busy schedules.
To make this film, we have gone beyond our borders, we wanted to find a new way, a new fresh look and a new language, involving a team of people from cinema!
Watch here the introduction by the film director, Antonio Bocola. 

Watch the film



A film by
Antonio Bocola

A Grivel production

Executive producer
Oliviero Gobbi

Creative producer
Roberto Ongaro

Benedetta Marazzi

Sabrina Bologna 

Federico Mazza

Mountain film-maker
Lorenzo Belfrond, Luca Rolli

Drone operator
Lorenzo Belfrond

Camera assistant
Stefano Zilli

Focus Puller
Paolo Pioltelli

Chief electrician
Roberto Martano
Gabriele Cai

Projection technician
Marco Giovoni

Line producer
Peter Constantine

Production assistant
Luca Fumagalli

Domingo Castillo

Music by
Audio Jungle 

Light and technical service

Camera and lens

Lampo TV


Vince Anderson, Hervé Barmasse, Charlotte Barré, Enzo Benvenuto,
Davide Capozzi, François Cazzanelli, Pablo Criado, Emrik Favre, Nasser Hanani, Stevie Haston, Steve House, Edmond Joyeusaz, Silvia Loreggian, Ezio Marlier, Enzo Oddo, Alex Pittin, Angelika Rainer, Aurelien Routens, Marco Sappa, Riccardo Scarian, Luca Schiera, Denis Trento, Alessandro Zeni

Thanks to: 

Cineteca storica del Museo della Montagna di Torino
For footage from the movie: “Punte d’acciaio nella fucina Grivel”
by Mario Fantin, 1957

Cineteca CAI Club alpino italiano
For footage from the movie: “Italia K2”
by Marcello Baldi, 1955