Air Tech Hybrid

Hybrid crampon with steel front part and light alloy back part, for light and fast mountaineering.

Preserving the modern design of the Air Tech crampons, its 12 points guarantee the maximum stability.
With the steel front part and aluminum rear part, this crampon offers an excellent balance between performance, technicality and weight, becoming your best adventure mate on mixed terrain.

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  • Activities: mountaineering
  • Materials/construction/technologies: steel, aluminum
  • Certification: CE EN 893, UIAA 153
  • Weight: 738 g (26 oz)
  • Sizes: 35-46
  • Antibott: front and rear

"The perfect crampon for classic mixte terrain! The short but extremely sharp points penetrate perfectly into the ice and allow maximum agility on the rock"
Francois Cazzanelli, Grivel Team

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