Alpine Ring


Super light ring made with 10 mm dyneema sling.

Made with Dyneema on the inside and polyester on the outside, this unique webbing ring exists in different sizes with color coding: 60cm (black), 120cm (red) and 180cm (blue). The dyneema has exceptional resistance, comparable to that of steel cables, but with the advantage of resisting very well the torsion and bending stresses. Dyneema fiber is practically free of elasticity. Ideal for climbing and mountaineering, where lightness and versatility are needed.

  • Activities: climbing, mountaineering
  • Materials/construction/technologies: dyneema, polyester
  • Certification: CE EN 566, UIAA 104
Hervé Barmasse

"We are tied with the rope but it is with an Alpine Ring that we feel united"
Hervé Barmasse, Grivel Team



Technical Information:

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