Sunglasses with bamboo frame and category 3 UV400 red mirrored lenses.

Bamboo is the most ecological of the vegetable fibers and comes from a weed capable of prodigious growth. Unlike the production of plastic, that of bamboo absorbs CO2 instead of producing it, does not depend on the extraction of oil and does not cause deforestation. Very light, if you have never worn bamboo glasses you will be surprised by its natural contact with the skin and by its extreme lightness. And if they fall into the water ... no problem: they will float for a few minutes allowing you to easily retrieve them.

Design notes: classic outdoor sunglasses with a truly timeless line, renewed and embellished with a softer design and new generation lenses.

"Grivel" marking on one side and "#climbdifferent" on the other.

Jute case, microfibre cloth.

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