Rappel Kit

Light and minimal rappel kit that contains everything you need, in only 1,6 kg.

The Grivel rappel kit is the ideal for ski-mountaineering.

Everything is stored inside the Brenva Rope bag (a light and modern 5-liter rope bag).
The Rappel kit includes:
- 60-m of ultra-static aramid/polyamide 5-mm rope
-Scream: the multi-purpose plate made for thin ropes (5-8 mm)
-Plume HMS K3GH: compact HMS carabiner with Twin-Gate system (wire-wire)
-Plume Wire Lock K3L: very light carabiner with Wire-Lock system
-Magic Ring: carabiner-free Prussik sling, made with 5 mm aramid rope and a metal forged toggle.

  • Activities: ski-mountaineering
  • Certification: CE EN 564 (aramid/polyamide cord), CE EN 12275 - class B, UIAA 121, CE EN362 (Plume HMS), CE EN 12275 - class B, UIAA 121 (Plume Wire Lock K3L), CE EN 566, UIAA 104 (Magic Ring).
  • Weight: 1,6 kg (4,3 lb)

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